Fully recyclable aluminium system for the green-minded consumer

As the self-proclaimed aluminium professionals, we feel a social responsibility to ensure that our products aren’t only the highest performing, but successfully contribute to the preservation of the planet. To help reinforce this sentiment, our installer network can rest comfortably knowing that windows and doors engineered using Senior Aluminium’s Pure system is 100% fully recyclable.

Such eco-conscious products help tradesmen gain more footing with domestic and commercial clients who are more green-minded in nature, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Unique construction combines with the already exceedingly low U-values Pure windows and doors produce, further letting buildings conserve energy through thermal bar integration.

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Specifically designed to meet the Passivhaus standard

Speaking of buildings that specialise in dramatically decreasing their energy usage, Pure aluminium is a specific system designed to meet standards set by Passivhaus. Their core focus as a third-party accreditation body is to create excellent comfort levels while keeping artificial cooling and heating as low as possible.

As previously mentioned, every Pure window and door engineered by the Evaframe team come supplied to meet the Passivhaus standard, achieving a Green Guide rating of ‘A’. In almost any configuration, Pure utilises a unique polyurethane thermal barrier giving U-Values as low as 0.73W/m2K.

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Offering commercial projects eco-conscious performance for 40+ years

Being an eco-conscious product installer means being able to cater for an increasingly growing audience in both the domestic and commercial sectors. With Pure aluminium, you’ll be able to offer clients a forward-thinking solution that will serve their environmentally friendly needs, all using a system that keeps energy levels low and can be fully recycled after roughly 40 years of installation life.

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