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Excellent thermal efficiency

Integrated thermal breaks deliver low u-values for the best energy efficiency.

Highly secure

Multi-point locking integrated as standard for the ultimate safety.

Made to suit your requirements

Engineered on a project-by-project basis, maintaining prompt turnaround times.

Choose from any RAL colour

A choice of over 150 RAL colours powder-coated, with dual finish options.

Secure and stylish aluminium residential doors

What might be considered a simple design by some, we at Evaframe treat our aluminium residential doors as seriously as any other entrance style we supply. Not only do we offer our partnered installers the most choice of configuration possible by manufacturing the style in SPW600E, Pure, and Alifold systems, but in any system, our residential doors expertly balance style, performance and function.

Manufactured and supplied using modern polyamide thermal enhancing technology, depending on the chosen system our aluminium residential doors can achieve U-values as low as 1.11 W/m2k. This helps to reduce energy costs while allowing installers to offer clients some of the best energy efficiency around, even when incorporating a large amount of glazing possible due to the material’s inherent strength. With Evaframe residential doors, there’s no need to choose between light and efficiency.

Available in a range of attractive single and dual colour finishes that allows installers to maintain a creative edge, all residential doors can be a proponent of great style as well as performance. Panel sizes up to 1000mm x 2616 means you’ll be able to offer these advantages for homes with even the widest of apertures, always remaining strong and secure with integrated multi-point locking.

Aluminium or uPVC?

Mistakenly deemed the lesser of the two options, uPVC is still a worthy investment depending on the nature of the project. Cost-effective, versatile, and classic, windows and doors engineered in high-performance uPVC can greatly enhance the life of residential homeowners looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home. Browse through our blog to find out more about uPVC and aluminium products.

Technical specifications

Pure System

  • Double/triple glazed up to 50mm
  • Powder-coated in single/dual colour
  • High performance gaskets
  • Unique patent pending PURe thermal break
  • Narrow sightlines
  • U-values as low as 1.11 w/m2K


  • Double/triple glazed up to 56mm
  • Powder-coated in single/dual colour
  • Flush faced aluminium profile
  • Polyamide thermally broken system
  • 600pa air permeability and water tightness
  • U-values less than 1.53 w/m2K


  • Double/triple glazed up to 48mm
  • Powder-coated in single/dual colour
  • Various opening and size configurations
  • High tech rollers ensure easy and hassle-free operation
  • Security tested to PAS24: 2012
  • U-values as low as 1.19 w/m2K

Why choose residential doors from Evaframe

With every residential door we manufacture and supply, the team here at Evaframe place emphasis on delivering units promptly and always to a high quality for our partnered installers. We’re unique in the sense that we help reliable builders and tradesmen cater for customers that typically are hard to appease by way of our expansive colour range and 100% recyclable material, and a whole host of other bespoke services that help give you the edge.

Though necessary and essential for the customer’s best interests, we understand how much of an obstacle complying to Building Regulations can be, so all our products are designed, supplied, and manufactured with exceeding these in mind. Our aluminium residential doors alone come tested to PAS24:2012 for security and far exceed the required U-value level.

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