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Excellent thermal efficiency

Integrated thermal breaks deliver low u-values for the best energy efficiency.

Highly secure

Multi-point locking integrated as standard for the ultimate safety.

Made to suit your requirements

Engineered on a project-by-project basis, maintaining prompt turnaround times.

Choose from any RAL colour

A choice of over 150 RAL colours powder-coated, with dual finish options.

A unique outward-swinging window style suited to multiple applications

One of the industry’s newest and most original window styles, aluminium overswing windows from Evaframe allows you to offer customers a greater control over their windows’ opening functionality. The 21st century equivalent of an upwards sliding sash, this latest design lets the sash swing over at a 45 degree angle, and can be configured to be able to do so either from the top or bottom of the profile.

We exclusively supply all our overswing windows using the SPW600E aluminium system to guarantee peak functionality while never compromising the unrivalled energy efficiency and heat retention levels modern homeowners have come to expect. Each overswing window is supplied thermally broken to offer tradesmen low u-values and greater versatility. They’re also available in single or dual colour finishes in any one of 150 distinct colour, making it easy to cater for a multitude of applications.

In our experience, overswing windows have enjoyed immense success when used for commercial projects and high-rise properties due to their ability to ventilate without revealing a large open space. Especially when taking into account the narrow sightlines each unit offers, in buildings where it doesn’t make sense to fully open up a property’s aperture look no further than an overswing window from Evaframe.

Technical specifications


  • Double/triple glazed up to 56mm
  • Powder-coated in single/dual colour
  • Flush faced aluminium profile
  • Polyamide thermally broken system
  • 600pa air permeability and water tightness
  • U-values less than 2.22 w/m2K

Why choose Overswing windows from Evaframe

Choosing Evaframe as your choice of aluminium overswing window supplier means opting into a partnership that delivers high quality products promptly, and with a high level of quality assurance. Those seeking to cater for the environmentally-conscious market can also rest easy knowing that casements engineered using 100% recyclable material can easily be supplied, giving you the edge over competitors.

Assuring installers and fitters have the easiest time possible when the time for installation arrives, all aluminium overswing windows we provide are done so in accordance with BS 6375-1:2009. Achieving 600Pa for air permeability & water tightness, and 2400pa for wind resistance, through our supply you can keep focus on meeting customer expectations rather than dwell on technicalities.

You can also view our full aluminium product range here.

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