Grey aluminium windows installation

It’s an age-old debate nearly as long-standing as the industry itself. But before we get into it, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Evaframe sit firmly within the aluminium camp, outright considered by many to be the go-to aluminium professionals. Regardless, we thought the debate between aluminium and uPVC worth highlighting, to aid installers in their product purchase decision if nothing else. Our take on the matter might end up surprising you.

Pure, SPW600, and SL 68: Suited to modern homes and new builds

Pure, SPW600, and SL 68 act as the sole three systems the team here at Evaframe exclusively focus on for the purposes of emphasising speed while retaining a high bar for quality. All three present the perks of aluminium in the best light, capable of achieving exceedingly low u values of just 0.71 W/M2K and a full range of glazing thicknesses ranging from 26mm to 56mm. Such flexibility and high thermal retention standards are a valued asset in the new build development market.

For the reasons listed above and the sheer modernity that comes with the slim frames and sleek sightlines commonly found with aluminium windows and doors means most 21st century city projects can be catered for. Designed in accordance with BS 6375-1:2009 high air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance often found in built-up areas are successfully considered.

uPVC: Cost-effective solutions for residential replacements

Wrongly considered the lesser of the two options, uPVC is still a worthwhile investment depending on the type of projects you plan on working on. Affordable, versatile, and classic, windows and doors engineered in high performance uPVC can greatly improve the life of residential homeowners looking to better insulate their property.

Aluminium casement window frame

The main reason and key differentiating factor why uPVC is not too often used within the commercial space is due to aluminium’s improved strength-to-weight ratio. It essentially boils down to the latter’s ability to remain sleek and modern while staying strong enough to withstand large glazing sheets favoured in buildings like hotels, apartments, and shopfronts. Unless houses seriously want to up their thermal retention game, uPVC is can typically be engineered to suit for a fraction of the cost.

Aluminium products that suit almost every conceivable commercial need

When choosing Evaframe as your choice of aluminium window and door supplier, you can confidently meet the demands of commercial and domestic clients alike. Our attention to detail and pride for aluminium excellence is second to none, so get in touch today if you deem their benefits suitable for a current or future installation project.