Aluminium tilt and turn window frame

Tilt & turn windows were traditionally popular in high rise commercial buildings and multi-occupancy residential accommodation. Their wide inward opening capacity made cleaning of the window exterior possible from the inside of the building, saving time and energy on sometimes dangerous methods of external maintenance.

Tilt & turn windows are still one of the most popular window choices for multi-storey buildings. Now, however, they’re seeing a significant increase in popularity in all types of residential properties. This should perhaps come as no surprise. Tilt & turn windows provide an extensive amount of benefits to the user and are an excellent window choice for all types of application.

Easy cleaning and excellent ventilation

Tilt & turn windows function on a two-way opening configuration. They can be swung open inwards, fully opening up the window space and giving access to the window’s exterior pane. This opening action is great for safe cleaning and also helps to bring in an uninterrupted flow of air. In certain locations, such as ground and first floor windows, the turn opening can allow the window to function as an emergency egress point.

The tilt function is activated using the same handle as the turn. The window can be tilted inwards from the top to provide ventilation without compromising on window safety. Once opened, it can be locked in place, to limit risk for children or pets falling through the open space.

Why add aluminium tilt & turn windows to your product portfolio

Aluminium tilt & turn windows interior view

As a glazing installer, you’ll fully understand the importance of offering your customers as diverse a choice of products as possible. When you add aluminium tilt & turn windows to your product portfolio, you can offer your customers:

  • A super-secure window system with multi-point locking as standard
  • Outstanding thermal performance for a warmer more cost-effective building interior
  • Bespoke design to match their exact specifications
  • Durable and attractive powder coat finish in any of over 150 RAL colours
  • Double or triple glazing depending on your requirements
  • Super-slim sightlines to optimise natural light admittance

As you can see, aluminium tilt & turn windows are a great addition to any installers’ collection. If you’d like to offer your customers the best aluminium tilt & turn windows, get in touch with Evaframe today. For more information about working with us as your dedicated trade supplier call 01291 630 063 or send us a message online.