Choosing what material to offer your customers might seem like a relatively simple endeavour, but it’s one that’s oh so important to get right. Modern homeowners want to utilise the very best style, performance, and function for their windows and doors after all, and in this regard, we at Evaframe believe that aluminium has all others beat every time.

To better put this view into perspective, we thought we’d take the time to compare that two and explore each’s pros and cons.

Large aluminium commercial windows and doors

Aluminium Windows: Lightweight and contemporary

Undeniably a window material fit for the 21st century, modern aluminium windows are the best choice for installers looking to offer frames that are sleek, stylish, and strong. They can be configured to suit almost any property thanks to a range of style options, and all while achieving U-values as low as 0.71 W/M2K for absolute comfort and peak thermal efficiency. Few other materials can deliver such an impressive package, especially when compared to the Pure, SPW600E, and SL 68 systems we at Evaframe supply.

  • Exceedingly slim sight lines and sleek frames
  • Impressive strength-to-ratio to withstand large frames
  • Ideally suited to commercial and domestic projects
  • Eye-grabbing powder coated finishes that stand the test of time

Timber Windows: Vintage and natural

A common choice for those lucky enough to reside in a period property or homes evocative of the 18th or 19th centuries, timber windows are authentic but often require a lot of looking after. This is due to their necessity to be regularly painted and varnished in order to continue looking good. Though timber is a natural insulator, not needing the technological workarounds and design elements needed in uPVC or aluminium, such innovations improve over that which timber windows can provide.

  • Classic style engineered in authentic wood
  • Natural insulation thanks to dense material makeup
  • Prone to rot, infestation, and warping
  • Re-painting and varnishing needed every so often

So which is the best fit for your product range?

Grey aluminium windows installation

As an installer, it simply makes more sense for you to provide aluminium over timber, if you have to make the hard to decision to choose one over the other. The market potential for aluminium is wider when considering the it’s a preferred material for use in commercial projects as well as domestic. Timber is largely limited to the latter.

Sleek and stylish aluminium windows from Evaframe

Specialists in supplying the highest quality windows and doors to reliable tradesmen throughout the South, Evaframe can satisfy all your product portfolio needs. With a dedicated Newport factory and swift turnaround times, we have the tools to give you a leg up over competitors. For more information, or to place an order, send us an online enquiry today.