Grey aluminium windows installation

21st century homeowners are a concerned bunch. In addition to worrying about how to best go about improving their household, many hope to do so while keeping their carbon footprint as small as possible. Luckily, the team here at Alu-Pro are proud to be leading the charge in supplying aluminium to installers and tradesmen throughout the South West. Is aluminium eco-friendly? Yes, it is and here’s how.

High recyclability that decreases environmental impact

One of the most obvious ways that you can prove to homeowners that aluminium is eco-friendly, is in just how easy to recycle it is. Other than the obvious fact that repurposing aluminium for use in other applications saves the need to engineer more, also putting this in perspective is the knowledge that recycling aluminium only requires roughly 5% of the energy needed to manufacture it. It’s an extremely constructive and eco-friendly practice.

Recycling aluminium is nothing new, but it’s an approach that the Alu-Pro team remain extremely passionate about and are adamant on continuing. Doing so means ensuring that every window, door, and lantern roof unit we supply is 100% reusable after their, admittedly, extremely long shelf life. This means less material being sent to landfill and a reduced impact on the environment.

Improving home health thanks to high efficiency levels

This next point is a factor that the industry as a whole is forever shouting about. However, it’s worth mentioning within the context of being environmentally friendly, purely because of how valuable the prospect of saving money is to the homeowner. Simply put, aluminium is a great window and door material as they keep U-values low and easily retain heat.

Aluminium casement window profile

Our aluminium products’ natural ability to prevent warmth from escaping – whether that be through an integrated thermal break, multi-chambered internal frames, or something else entirely – means that your customers will be able to rely less on artificial heating methods once fitted. Money that they would otherwise waste expending energy is saves. Thus, making it much more eco=-friendly in the long term.

Aluminium shelf life: Decades not years

We alluded to this a bit in the first point, but it’s worth reiterating. Aluminium windows and doors can last anywhere up to a period of 4 decades, vastly improving upon what you’d get from conventional uPVC. Not only will this represent a great investment on the homeowner’s part but means that less of the material is manufactured in general. Products last a lot longer to the benefit of those seeking an eco-friendly approach.

Offer homeowners windows that are forward-thinking as well as innovative

Aluminium windows and doors are the best route for installers looking to cater for the green-minded homeowner. As the self-proclaimed aluminium professionals, we can back you up with exceptionally-designed products that achieve this amongst other forward-thinking advantages. For more information, send us an online message today!