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How is aluminium recycled?

As the self-proclaimed aluminium professionals, we feel it’s only right that we continue the material’s natural favourability towards recycling and ...

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Is aluminium eco-friendly?

21st century homeowners are a concerned bunch. In addition to worrying about how to best go about improving their household, ...

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Why we choose the PURe system for lift and slide doors

Maintaining mass appeal amongst homeowners is all about ensuring you offer what they want. More often than not, what customers ...

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What we offer with aluminium tilt and turn windows that others may not

It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to hear that Evaframe takes aluminium seriously. After all, we want ...

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Is Chartwell green a RAL colour? The answer isn’t so simple

Classic colours that fit cottages and heritage properties well are proving a hit on more modern properties looking for softer ...

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Aluminium or uPVC? It depends on the project entirely

It’s an age-old debate nearly as long-standing as the industry itself. But before we get into it, it shouldn’t come ...

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