Grey aluminium tilt and turn window frame

It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to hear that Evaframe takes aluminium seriously. After all, we want to give every installer we supply the best chance possible at winning new business, doing this by manufacturing the very best home improvement solutions possible. To prove this, we thought highlight some benefits found with our aluminium tilt and turn windows you won’t too often see anywhere else.

Two distinct systems to cover most conceivable applications

A sentiment not just exclusive to our aluminium tilt and turn windows, Evaframe offers tradesmen the ability to have products engineered in either Pure or SPW600E. Both are well-respected aluminium systems used widely in the industry with their own distinct advantages. While both allow for triple glazing thicknesses of around 50mm and can be powder coated, an example being SPW600E’s flush faced profile that deems it suitable for buildings of a classic nature.

Similarly, aluminium tilt and turn windows manufacture in Pure make use of exceedingly narrow sightlines to give properties an inherently sleek look. This is also a great choice when accommodating customers craving a larger degree of sunlight entry. Simply put, our willingness to back two aluminium systems rather than one gives us a slight edge, giving installers the tools needed to cover almost every project need and preference.

Polyamide thermal break for high thermal values

While aluminium tilt and turn windows are often chosen by homeowners for their ability to ventilate without compromising security, it’s important for installers that when shut, the frames meet or even exceed required Window Energy Ratings. Thankfully when choosing Evaframe as your supplier of choice exceeding is guaranteed thanks to them being thermally broken.

Integrated polyamide thermal breaks effectively work by creating a protective barrier which separates the cold air outside from any warm air generated on the inside. Especially when working in tandem with triple or even double glazing, U-values as low as 0.71 W/M2K can successfully be achieved.

100% recyclable for forward-thinking installers

At the risk of sounding a little preachy, we’ve only got one planet. For this reason, our aluminium windows and doors come engineered using aluminium that is 100% recyclable, meaning that less resources are needed to be mined from the Earth while allowing installers to appease customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Despite high recyclability, performance and style is never compromised.

Aluminium tilt and turn windows from the aluminium professionals

As we hope to have proven, aluminium tilt and turn windows from Evaframe have been carefully considered to let installers pass on the best benefits possible. If you’d like to know more, contact a member of the team today!