Lift and slide aluminium doors

Maintaining mass appeal amongst homeowners is all about ensuring you offer what they want. More often than not, what customers want is the latest and greatest improvement innovations, where possible, for an affordable price. Thankfully, by manufacturing Lift and Slide doors in-house, the team here at Evaframe allows you to confidently pass on these values. How do we do this? By engineering them in Senior Architectural’s PURe aluminium system.

Easy to fabricate, even easier to install and adjust

One of the most important reasons why PURe is an ideal system for us to work with, is simply due to how quickly we can turn it around. This is because it’s been purposely designed by Senior Architectural to be easily fabricated. This ease of you can then be fully passed on to our trade network of installers who will find it a breeze to install and adjust accordingly. Regardless of how awkward the aperture in question might be.

How is this possible? Simply because of the system’s locking points and rollers which can be tweaked and adjusted when on site. We engineer them using mitred corners and alignment chevrons so that clean sightlines are always a guarantee and there’s no need for complicated drainage preparations, so it’s quickly manufactured. All this comes together to help our installer partners complete those last-minute jobs.

A fully thermally broken system

As well as improving ease of access, Lift and Slide doors engineered in PURe improve energy efficiency levels to such a degree that an average U-value of 1.1 W/m2K is achieved. Once installed, your customers will be able to enjoy a fully insulated home that means they can rely less on artificial heating methods.

What gives PURe lift and slide the edge over other rival systems is its integrated high-performance polyurethane thermal break, which results in a barrier that separates the cold outside air from the inside warmth. If that wasn’t enough, double or triple glazing of up to 52mm can also be accommodated for maximum thermal and acoustic performance.

Easily exceeds current and meets future building regulations

PURe lift and slide panels have an extended life expectancy of around 40 years, engineered in sleekly styled aluminium that is 100% recyclable and wholly weather resistant. Sensibilities like this ensure that they not only abide but current building regulation requirements but are futureproofed to withstand any likely changes we’ll see soon.

PURe magic from the Aluminium Professionals

Hopefully that’s helped clear up why we think PURe proves to be the best choice when looking to install aluminium Lift and Slide doors. To add this well-designed and innovative home improvement solution to your product portfolio, contact the team here at Evaframe today.