Adaptable aluminium solutions that far exceed minimum performance requirements

Here at Evaframe, we consider aluminium our speciality and with good reason. This excellent material offers maximum versatility and thanks to technological advancements, its performance is able to match the stylish appearance. Simply put, Evaframe aluminium provides installers with everything they need to far surpass Building Regulations and satisfy customer demands. If an exceptional thermal performance is required. If maximum light is required, we offer sightlines as slim as 38mm yet every product we offer is tested to weather and security standards like BS6375 and PAS24, ensuring they do not lag behind in these areas.

How long do aluminium windows and doors last?

Aluminium windows and doors are likely to have a life span of 45 years. Due to the fact they are rot-resistant, even in coastal environments, aluminium is a wonderful option for your windows and doors. Aluminium window frames also require very little maintenance, and no specialist cleaning chemicals, treatments or methods are needed! A simple wipe down is all what is needed to maintain your aluminium windows and doors.

Following this, when our aluminium frames are no longer functional, they can be easily de-constructed and can be broken down into separated elements and recycled. In an age where awareness of green issues is of top priority, this process works in the favour of aluminium as the most forward-thinking material.